Meet the volunteer. This month – Roger Morfill

To mark Barnaby’s 8th Birthday this week, there are a number of fabulous images on the screen showcasing the work of our marvellous volunteers. In order to celebrate their achievements, today marks the first of a new series called MEET THE VOLUNTEER. We begin by asking Roger Morfill what it is that he loves about being part of the team:

Q.  What is it that keeps you coming back to Barnaby’s Roger?
There are a number of reasons really, first of which is that I get to meet so many people that I probably would not ordinarily get to meet. This has led to many new friendships, particularly with other volunteers. As for customers, well every day someone new comes in, and they have a variety of reasons for doing so. We often see people who are researching the possibility of moving in to the village. As we are right opposite the Primary School, we see lots of mums on their collect/drop-off schedule too, plus  there are always plenty of dog walkers & cyclists.

Q.  How easy is it fitting shifts in with everything else you have going on?
A:  Oh, that’s really easy. I just log in to the site and choose the shifts I want. Some weeks I can do a few shifts – some weeks I can not do any! There are different roles to chose from too, so it’s pretty flexible.

Q.  How did you get started as volunteer?
A:  I was a customer for quite a while, as I rather enjoyed Barnaby’s role as a community hub. I enquired about doing a trial shift, and had a go at making my own coffee. That was 5 years ago. Now I am a Team Leader, having benefitted from lots of training along the way.

Q.  What skills have you learned over the years?
A:  I suppose the one thing I have learned that I had never expected I would learn in my lifetime is how to operate a proper coffee machine! I have not quite got the hang of latte art, but maybe that will come one day…

Q.  Can you explain the photo Roger?
A:  Well, being snapped in a sparkly green hat and feather boa on St.Patricks Day is an obvious highlight of my time here! I’ve also been caught wearing a Tam O’Shanter and ginger beard on St.Andrews Day, but that’s a whole other story.

Thank you Roger!