Meet the volunteer. This month – Rosy Easton

In the fifth of our MEET THE VOLUNTEER series, we caught up with the lovely lady you often see at the till during the week – Rosy Easton. We asked Rosy what volunteering means to her:

So what drew you to volunteer at Barnaby’s?
I retired just before Covid came along, so as the world started to return to normal, I was keen to do something with my new-found freedom! When my kids were younger, we supported the Primary School through committees and the like. I rather enjoyed all of that, so now that I have grandchildren too (Ed – you don’t look anywhere near old enough for that!), volunteering here allows me to continue my support of the community, but just in a different way.

What does volunteering at Barnaby’s do for you?
I love the fact that it allows me to stay connected with the people I have met over 37 years of living in the village. I often look out over the till to see groups of people sitting together, chatting between themselves over coffee and cake. I’m rather chuffed to be a part of a team that creates that safe space for them to get together. And I’ve learned some new skills too!

So, what have you learned so far?
Well, I’ve started using the coffee machine to make my own coffee. Deb and Julie have been very helpful on that front, and although I have not perfected my skills yet, I’m getting there and I love the fun of it.

What helps bring you back each time Rosy?
Apart from the things we talked about above, it’s rather lovely to see all the big cheques on the screen that have been given to the charities Barnaby’s supports. The events outside are rather fun too. I loved the horses, and the ambulance that was here, and the occasional music group. More of that please!