Volunteer Central

Welcome to ‘Volunteer Central’ the place where you can find the key information as well as access to the Shift Control system – the easy way to see what shifts you have volunteered for and pick shifts.

 Volunteer for Shifts

The system we are using to manage the shift rota  is called ShiftController. You can access this by clicking on ShiftController System in the Volunteers Menu to the left of the window (or if on a mobile device it is below).

Log Out

To log out move the cursor over ‘Hi, <Your Name>’ at the top right of the window. Then click on Log Out.


If you have any problems with accessing ShiftController for the first time then please:

  • Log out
  • Log in again through www.barnabys.coffee
  • Click on one of the Quick  Links to shifts month names
  • Then try accessing ShiftController again

If you continue to have problems then email hello@barnabys.coffee


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