Classic Cars @ Barnaby’s – 2023 dates confirmed

In partnership with Pete Yeoman of and the Swanmore Parish Council, we are pleased to confirm 7 dates for the Classic Cars @ Barnaby’s events in 2023.

  • Saturday 22nd April
  • Saturday 27th May
  • Saturday 24th June
  • Saturday 22nd July
  • Saturday 26th August
  • Saturday 23rd September
  • Saturday 28th October

DOORS OPEN 1000 to 1230

With something like 50 cars expected at each event, we’ll be in the main car park opposite Barnaby’s. If you are planing to display a car or two, you may arrive any time from 0945, when a marshal will show you to a space.

The event will be supported by Barnaby’s “popup” coffee shop, serving coffee, tea and yummy homemade cakes made by our friends at Bishops Waltham Country Market. Barnaby’s will nominate  a charity on the day, and all our proceeds will go to that charity. Fingers crossed for the weather!

Meet our marvellous volunteers. This month – Mike Clay

In the third of our MEET THE VOLUNTEER serieswe caught up with someone well known to the village – Mike Clay. We asked what volunteering means to him:

Q.  You volunteered here only quite recently. What prompted that?
  I retired from a full career in the construction industry a few years ago, so started popping in here to meet friends from the village. My daughters had done a few shifts as work experience, so I thought I’d give it a go too.

Q.  Had you done this sort of thing before?
A:   I started my working life serving teas and coffees well over 40 years ago, so it seems rather nice to be ending it in the same way! In fact, while I was a student, I took on a part-time job at Bournemouth Pavilion and became a silver-service waiter. I ended up running the coffee shop there, which allowed me to meet a large number of stars and famous faces. That led to a love-affair with the stage, which explains the photo…

Q.   What do you like about volunteering Mike?
A:   I like to think of myself as a very community-spirited person. I have been a bell-ringer in the village since 2000, I’m often out litter-picking, and some will have seen me on stage with the Swanmore Amateur Dramatics Society, which I have been doing for 38 years! What I’ve learned is that you meet some great people volunteering, so I started doing an hour a week in Barnaby’s and it has grown from there at a pace I can fit in with everything else.

Q.   How have you got on with making your own coffee?
A:   Barnaby’s is a popular place, so I found some time with Berty on quieter days to learn the  ropes. It’s actually not as daunting as it looks, so I’m looking forward to making coffee for my daughters when they return as customers.

Q.   What else does Barnaby’s mean to you?
A:   I have a 50 year old MG which I plan to bring to your Classic Car events that restart in April. Other than that, the fact that you donate so much to local charities definitely has an appeal. Keep going!

(Well, we could not do it without volunteers like you Mike, so thank you)

Welcome back

We’re delighted to be back to normal this week, following the seasonal festivities. There are volunteer shifts available on most days in the coming week, so please log in and help yourselves! Our volunteer cake bakers are already getting ready, so we look forward to bringing it all together again on Tuesday at 2pm.

To our customers, we look forward to welcoming you back to Barnaby’s, and to restoring our position as an active hub for the community once more.

We’re on holiday!

Barnaby’s is now closed for the holidays. That’s it! 2022 done. We wish all our wonderful volunteers and customers a very and peaceful festive season.

We’ll be back on 3rd January 2023, and we look forward to seeing you all then. For those wishing to pick shifts for the New Year, they will be available in ShiftController on 23rd December.

Free mince pies this Christmas week

This Christmas week, you’ll receive a free mince pie with every hot drink at Barnaby’s! For some reason, we think this will be quite popular…

Our hours in Christmas week are:

  • Monday 19th December (10 to midday)
  • Tuesday 20th December (10 to midday)
  • Wednesday 21st December (10 to midday)

Our wonderful volunteers will return to full service again on 3rd January 2023.

Please help us support Trinity Winchester

As part of our ongoing support for charities with a connection to the village, we will be supporting the work of Trinity Winchester between now and Christmas. Our “Tap n’Go” payment option will be available to you if you wish to make a personal donation, and we’ll be adding half of Saturdays takings to that.

Trinity Winchester addresses the effects of homelessness and vulnerability through specialist practical and emotional support. Theses effects can include addiction, physical and mental ill health, poverty, social isolation and domestic abuse. Head to to find out more.

Swanmore Wind Band are here

Today, we welcome the Swanmore Wind Band who, despite the cold, will be playing Christmas carols outside Barnaby’s from 1100.

Our wonderful volunteers will be plying the band with coffee and hot chocolate to keep them going, so please come along and support them.

Christmas offers now available!

Our December offer is a yummy homemade gingerbread man and a  delicious gingerbread latte for just £3!  It’s a classic combination that’s well worth a try, particularly on those colder days. Bring a friend and try one each!

Barnaby’s fabulous Pokito collapsable reuseable takeaway coffee mugs are now available at just £10 for two! They make for great stocking-fillers, and are very easy to wrap.

Finally, we have a limited supply of lovely Apple & Ginger juice from local suppliers Hill House Farm. Pressed from Hampshire apples and finished with a hint of freshly crushed root ginger, this is a zippy and fruity alternative.  Available at just £1.50.

Meet our marvellous volunteers. This month – Julie Smith

In the second of our MEET THE VOLUNTEER series, we caught up with someone relatively new to Barnaby’s – Julie Smith – so we asked what volunteering means to her:

Q.  Why do you volunteer at Barnaby’s Julie?
  Well I believe a strong community runs on its volunteers, and I like supporting the community in which I live.  In the case of Swanmore, that’s been over 30 years, all be it with a bit of a recent break while we lived abroad! I brought my boys up here, so I rather like the fact that, with Barnaby’s being opposite the Primary School, I’m helping mums who are now on the same journey that I have been on.

Q.  What have been the side benefits of this?
A:   It’s a lovely way of meeting people that I might not normally have been able to meet. Some of those are new faces, and some are not so new!

Q.   How are you getting on with making your own coffee?
A:   Well, you’ll have to ask our customers that! I’ve learned not to be frightened of the machine, but on occasion, it can be a little hard to tell my lattés from my cappuccinos! It’s been fun to learn a new skill though, and all us volunteers receive lots of friendly training to help us improve.

Q.   Where do you think the money goes?
A:   I had originally thought that it went to the church, but I now know that it does not. In fact, I’ve seen Barnaby’s handing out some big cheques recently because there are some images here on the big screen, Perhaps more could be made of that – may be with a page in the Parish magazine?
(Thanks Julie – we’ll look in to that idea)

Q.   Can you explain the photo Julie?
A:   No. Not really! But Christmas isn’t far away!

Thank you Julie!

Volunteers – please RSVP

If you have volunteered at any time over the course of the last 12 months, you’ll have just received a formal invitation to join us for a glass of mulled wine and a yummy mince pie from 5pm to 7pm on Sunday 4th December. Please RSVP to let us know you can make it. Partners welcome.

If you have not received an invitation, please use the contact button above.

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