Helping Hooves will be back on 29th April

One our favourite local causes is Helping Hooves.  Based here in Swanmore, Helping Hooves assist people experiencing change caused by illness, injury, recovery or other trauma. We’re looking to seeing “Mouse” and “Hamish” here on Saturday 29th April, to be brushed and loved by Barnaby’s customers . Please come and say “hello”, and bring a carrot or two.

As is customary on our Charity Awareness Days,  we’ll be giving half of our takings on the day, plus anything you are able to donate through our ‘Tap n’Go’ service.

Meet the volunteer. This month – Rosy Easton

In the fifth of our MEET THE VOLUNTEER series, we caught up with the lovely lady you often see at the till during the week – Rosy Easton. We asked Rosy what volunteering means to her:

So what drew you to volunteer at Barnaby’s?
I retired just before Covid came along, so as the world started to return to normal, I was keen to do something with my new-found freedom! When my kids were younger, we supported the Primary School through committees and the like. I rather enjoyed all of that, so now that I have grandchildren too (Ed – you don’t look anywhere near old enough for that!), volunteering here allows me to continue my support of the community, but just in a different way.

What does volunteering at Barnaby’s do for you?
I love the fact that it allows me to stay connected with the people I have met over 37 years of living in the village. I often look out over the till to see groups of people sitting together, chatting between themselves over coffee and cake. I’m rather chuffed to be a part of a team that creates that safe space for them to get together. And I’ve learned some new skills too!

So, what have you learned so far?
Well, I’ve started using the coffee machine to make my own coffee. Deb and Julie have been very helpful on that front, and although I have not perfected my skills yet, I’m getting there and I love the fun of it.

What helps bring you back each time Rosy?
Apart from the things we talked about above, it’s rather lovely to see all the big cheques on the screen that have been given to the charities Barnaby’s supports. The events outside are rather fun too. I loved the horses, and the ambulance that was here, and the occasional music group. More of that please!

Meet the First Responders here on Saturday

Our 2023 Charity Awareness Scheme will return on Saturday, with the arrival of the South Central Ambulance Charity (SCAC). Please come along and meet a First Responder, climb in to their ambulance, find out what they do, and see the equipment they carry. We’ll be supporting the SCAC by donating half of our takings on the day, in addition to any funds collected. Head to to find out more about the SCAC.

The Irish are coming…

St.Patricks Day is on Friday 17th March. It is an event that commemorates the arrival of Christianity in Ireland, and the heritage of the Irish in general. Celebrations first began in the 17th Century, and today they generally involve public parades, festivals, cèilidhs and the wearing of shamrocks.

To mark the occasion, we’ve got a rather awesome Guinness cake coming, made by one of our fabulous volunteer bakers. When it’s gone, it’s gone!

It’s all gone a bit Welsh

In Welsh culture, an Eisteddfod is an institution and festival with several ranked competitions, including in poetry and music. Hywel Teifi Edwards defined the earliest form of the Eisteddfod as a competitive meeting between bards and minstrels, in which the winner was chosen by a noble or royal patron.

We won’t be going quite that far today, but there will be free Welsh cakes on offer with every hot drink, and a game of “guess the castle” on the big screen.

Classic Cars @ Barnaby’s – 2023 dates confirmed

In partnership with Pete Yeoman of and the Swanmore Parish Council, we are pleased to confirm 7 dates for the Classic Cars @ Barnaby’s events in 2023.

  • Saturday 22nd April
  • Saturday 27th May
  • Saturday 24th June
  • Saturday 22nd July
  • Saturday 26th August
  • Saturday 23rd September
  • Saturday 28th October

DOORS OPEN 1000 to 1230

With something like 50 cars expected at each event, we’ll be in the main car park opposite Barnaby’s. If you are planing to display a car or two, you may arrive any time from 0945, when a marshal will show you to a space.

The event will be supported by Barnaby’s “popup” coffee shop, serving coffee, tea and yummy homemade cakes made by our friends at Bishops Waltham Country Market. Barnaby’s will nominate  a charity on the day, and all our proceeds will go to that charity. Fingers crossed for the weather!

This Saturday in Barnaby’s

The BBT have agreed that, given the events unfolding in Turkey and Syria, we would step up our support for the DEC with a full Charity Awareness Day on Saturday 18th February. We will be giving half of our takings on the day to the DEC, in addition to any personal donations you make using our new “Tap n’Go” payment service. Please make sure you visit.

In support of this,  our “Tap n’Go” machine will be by the till for the forseable future.

In support of the DEC

A series of devastating earthquakes have hit southern Turkey and north-west Syria killing over 20,000 people. The first deadly earthquake struck while people were inside their homes, asleep in their beds, with no warning signs. Thousands of buildings, including hospitals and schools, have collapsed and infrastructure has been badly damaged. Local responders are desperately searching through the rubble for survivors.

By donating to the Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, you’ll help DEC charities provide vital medical care, emergency shelter, food and clean water. You can donate in Barnaby’s, or at

Meet the volunteer – Ted Quincey

In the fourth of our MEET THE VOLUNTEER series, we caught up with the man who lives closet to Barnaby’s – Ted Quincey. We asked Ted what volunteering means to him:

So what drew you volunteering at Barnaby’s Ted?
Well, as I live right across the road from Barnaby’s, I had originally thought I’d be popping in at a moments notice if help was required. In actual fact, I have taken to planning a little bit further ahead by picking the shifts I’d like to do in advance, in preference to waiting until the last minute, It’s worked out much better that way, allowing me to plan my week around grandchildren and the like.

What do you enjoy the most?
I enjoy looking back at the end of a shift and being pleased with a job well done! I particularly like the “volunteer” role, as it allows me to do a number of different jobs whilst saying hello to our customers. That said, during the quieter moments, Berty has invested some time in teaching me how to make coffee, and I have enjoyed that very much.

Where do you think the money goes?
It was my assumption that it all goes to charity, after the costs have been taken care of. More recently, I’ve seen images on the big screen showing cheques being handed out to some of the local causes that I am familiar with, and I rather like seeing those as they pop up. I read the Swanmore Link every month, and there are very often articles in there that talk about charities who have benefitted from a donation.

What else could Barnaby’s do to help the community?
Yes. I play in a ukulele band called the Swanmore Strummers. We meet weekly in the village and have, in the past, raised a little bit of money at gigs. How about playing at Barnaby’s on occasion?

(We think that is a great idea, so please watch out for the Swanmore Strummers appearing here in the summer months!)

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