Charity Awareness Scheme

Barnaby’s operates a Charity Awareness Scheme (CAS) in support of local registered charities & good causes. The scheme delivers close to ¬£5,000 a year to local charities. Nominated charities are featured in Barnaby’s on a Saturday morning, after which we donate 50% of the days takings to them plus any cash donations that have been made.

To receive support from Barnaby’s CAS, you can nominate a charity yourself. Your nominated charity has to:

  • have a connection with the village of Swanmore
  • be nominated at least 4 weeks before the chosen date
  • be¬†approved by the Barnaby’s Business Team (BBT)
  • have a bank account in the charity’s name
  • not be serving teas/coffees elsewhere in the building on the same day

You can see which charities we have supported recently here.

To receive the support of Barnaby’s CAS, please complete the form below. The BBT may then ask you for any additional information before advising if your CAS request has been approved.

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Charity Name

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